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To explore the plane, simply put your keyword in the search line to find wiki articles on the subject. It is highly recommended to not only explore Ravnica as a plane, but also each guild when planning a character or about to interact with an NPC of that guild.

Acta Tabula

Below is what Senator Iudica called the Acta Tabula, the encrypted bulletin board of quests that the Guilds are asking for your attention. Remember, choose wisely and discuss with the rest of your party… which missions you accept, achieve, or fail at may have unforeseen circumstances!

Azorius Arrest Scab-Clan
Orzhov Collect Izzet Debts
Dimir Protect Messanger
Izzet Test Exp. Armor
Rakdos Collect Ingredients
Golgari Investigate Tunnel
Gruul Gladeaterz Wellcum!
Boros Intercept Spy
Selesnya Attend Conclave
Simic Collect Aven Data
Guildless Save My Moloch!

Main Page

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