Welcome… to the City of Guilds!

Five years before the decamillenial of the Guildpact, five apprentice guildmages from varying guilds are called to the Center of Ravnica, and an adventure begins!

Ravnica, City of Guilds is a D&D 4th Edition campaign starting at Level 1. The party will start each session by choosing one of 11 quests to attempt (10 Guilds plus the Guildless), which will in turn further the plans and machinations of that faction. Some missions may be stand-alone requests, or continuing arcs that may need to be monitored. Some missions may even have guilds competing with each other (a Dimir mission asks you to protect a message-runner, while a Boros asks you to intercept the same spy), or cooperating with each other (a Selesnya diplomat asks you to use Izzet technology to go back in time and retrieve a seed of a now extinct tree). As you do more missions and level up, the party will have more and more influence over their favored guilds, city districts, and eventually the whole plane.

If this is your first time visiting, be sure to explore the Characteristics of Ravnica, or read up on the guilds you may encounter next game session. Afterward, be sure to check out the Adventure Log tab to see where the party’s exploits currently lie, especially if you missed a session. Finally, if you ever want to add any articles or pages, please do! Obsidian Portal is a tool for both players and DM, and the more that is added, the more that you get out of your sessions!

Don’t have a character yet? Visit the Wizards of the Coast to discover which guild your best suited, then meet with your DM to hammer out your character! Remember, a rich backstory helps both you and your DM imagine your PC. If you’re stuck, visit the first post of the 10-Minute Character Creater for some easy tips on how to make a compelling character!


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